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Culinary workshops for business

Culinary workshops for business

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04 April 2019

Culinary workshops for business - a new form of integration?
We are talking with Patrycja Radomska, Sales Manager at Afrodyta **** Business & SPA, about the Culinary Studio for Business and collective cooking which supports integration of employees.

How did the idea of a Culinary Study as an attractive form of integration for the hotel guests emerge?

It was not a spontaneous decision. Hotel Afrodyta **** Business & SPA has been operating on the market for over 13 years. During this time we had the opportunity to observe the changing needs of guests. There was a time of paintball, quads, evening themed parties, casinos - the demand for this kind of attractions in our opinion has decreased a lot. So we decided to offer something different.

It happened that, during their stay, our guests organized their own cooking workshops run by well-known chefs. We sought inspiration in that event.

From the perspective of the last few months, would you say that opening of Culinary Studio for Business was a good decision?

Definitely yes. I do not remember any other form of integration meetings that would gain so much popularity.

Since last June, dozens of meetings have been held during which employees of companies had the opportunity to collectively prepare dishes of the Italian or the Spanish cuisine. In December, the shared cooking of Christmas dumplings was very popular.

Good reception of the Culinary Studio is determined not only by the idea of integration, hidden behind the shared cooking, but also by the atmosphere of the place and its equipment. We have put a lot of work into perfecting the visual side the workshop rooms.

The Culinary Studio at Afrodyta **** Business & SPA hotel is equipped, among others, with a wood-burning oven, special gastronomic tables with mechanical ventilation, a combi-steam oven, a grill, and a gas kitchen.

Why, in your opinion, was the idea so well received on the event market?

As I mentioned, we listen to the needs of our guests. High competition on the hotel market quickly verifies the so-called "Mediocrity". Everything we offer to our guests needs to be authentic, done with reverence, but also with a dose of humor - which our Chef Waldemar Kosowski certainly does not lack. Guests highly praise his culinary experience and ease with which he passes on the knowledge. Participation in the workshop deepens relationships and ties among the participants, but also teaches them new skills that they can show off in front of family and friends after returning from the training.

Are you concerned that the demand for collective cooking meetings will lose their appeal?

We are very confident about that. Quality food and well-coordinated team are important aspects for many people organizing meetings. I can reveal that we are planning ZERO WASTE style workshops. We have noticed that guests want to learn about new trends and experience inspiration in how to eat well and take care of the environment.

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