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Aphrodite's garden part 1

Aphrodite's garden part 1

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20 December 2018

With our articles, we would like to give you the behind-the-scenes access to our hotel - the unobvious things that might actually suprise you. Today, we are going to have a look at our garden. The whole series will be divided into two parts.

So let us start with a vegetable garden, actually two. You certainly know one of the two as it is located on the left side of our hotel. This is the so-called "small greengrocer". You will find there, among others, cherry tomatoes, mint, thyme, basil, sage. Behind the garden, there is a mysterious house. It is not there merely for asethetic reasons. In fact, it is very practical. At the beginning of the hotel's existence. it was intended to serve as a wine cellar, however, it turned out to be a impractical solution. Currently,we keep there the treasures of our kitchen - preserves, vegetables, etc.

A little further, at the back of Afrodyta you will find a real paradise - a true greengrocer. It is here where we grow our cucumbers, kale, white radish and white squash, oregano, sage, thyme, lemon balm, and sorrel and beetroot to use for our delicious soups.

Tomatoes have their special place. To achieve red and aromatic tomatoes, we grow them in our "mini greenhouse".

In addition, we have delicious raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. We also have a pear tree and an apple tree.

And now the real icing on the cake. Certainly not many people know we also keep hens in our garden. They have a great yard to lead their happy chicken life producing delicious eggs. We also have dignified roosters here. An unobvious attraction some may find appealing.

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