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Lunch for business

Lunch for business

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10 June 2019

The companies that work with us most likely know that we truly enjoy preparing business meetings ... We are excited to hear the crazy ideas of the organizers, and we introduce new attractions ourselves - the Culinary Business Studio has successfully operated for a long time now.

Our Business Sales Team are ladies responsible events and special tasks! As you know, product knowledge is the basis of good sales, which is why we have recently held tastings of the new items on the menu - including dishes prepared on Steak Rock stones.

The main events on the plates:

  • Tagliatelle with chorizo and spinach

  • Smoked salmon chopped with chives and purple potatoes

  • Shrimp Grilled on the Rock Steak stone with toppings and three dips

"The reason why we wanted to take part in the tasting was to learn about the product - it is easier to suggest a dish, knowing how it tastes and looks. The volcanic stone is our novelty - it is something we need to experience to be able to pass the knowledge"
- Patrycja Radomska, Head of the Sales Department

"We wondered if this heated stone in contact with shrimp will not froth, spray, smoke - it could be uncomfortable for our guests. We were surprised by the serving - exceptional and spectacular (as you can see in the pictures). A huge advantage for this type of meal is the control of the level of frying according to personal preferences. We came to the conclusion that the shared tasting became a form of integration in the department and it was a great fun. We are confident that visitors will be strongly encouraged to try the dishes made on Steak Rock stones (fish, meat and vegetable versions), because they are a completely new culinary experience. "
- Ewelina Kozłowska - Walczak, Deputy Manager of the Sales Department

The unusual cuisine at Afrodyta will surprise you ... The Sales Department Team already knows it, it is your turn to find out!

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