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Head massage - does AJURWEDA really work?

Head massage - does AJURWEDA really work?

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22 February 2019

If you are a fan of classical SPA, but you want to experience completely new sensations, this article is just for you. Today I will present the Shiro Mardana's head massage. The whole atmosphere, history, and ritual which surrounds this massage makes it an unforgettable experience. I know it myself because I had the opportunity to use it and I am here to share my thoughts with you.

This is an Ayurvedic massage, practiced in India for thousands of years, passed down from generation to generation. It involves alternating relaxing and stimulating movements to offer deep relaxation. Ayurvedic techniques are very rare in SPAs in the Masovian region, which is why we recommend such treatments to our guests.

Gosia, our specialist in this area, just before the massage, shared with me all the curiosities and revealed the properties of the treatment - it supports hair growth and relieves any pain in the neck area. The sesame oil used in the ritual offers valuable properties for the scalp and hair bulbs. It effectively relieves the symptoms of stress, supports the treatment of migraine and insomnia.

The massage begins with gentle movements and the shoulders, neckline, and the neck. Once the introductory part is complete, the proper head massage begins - I did not think it could be so varied and relaxing. It is possible to add a special hair mask based on natural yogurt, AMLA herbs, and a mixture of Indian herbs.

One of the major advantage is, that at the client's request, you can create a whole Ayurvedic ritual - the offer links a whole body massage "abjanga" with a hand and foot massage. After the ritual, we highly recommend visiting the Salt Cave to let the oil remain on your hair for a while - it will make it nourished and shiny. There is a number of possibilities making each treatment look slightly different.

Who are Ayurvedic treatments and the special head massage for? It is a proposal for men and women, busy and stressed individuals, those who wish to experience different techniques used in SPA.

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