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5 places worth visiting when staying in our hotel

5 places worth visiting when staying in our hotel

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20 December 2018

8,9 km, ul. Dittricha 18, Żyrardów

Żyrardów and a 19th-century factory settlement is one of the most exceptional items on our list. Filip de Girard Museum of Linenery is a place where you will learn about the history of the linen industry in Poland. You will see amazing exhibits and the factory architecture preserved to this day. The museum is located in one of the factory halls of the former production complex of the Żyrardów factory. The Linen Museum in Żyrardów

8.9 km, ul. Dittricha 18, Żyrardów

An adventure room for those thirsty for sensations - the so-called Escape Room (educational attraction), which involves solving riddles and puzzles connected with the history of the city and getting out of a closed room in 60 minutes. Great fun for couples, friends and Families with bigger children. RADZIEJOWICE CASTLE 2.7 km, Sienkiewicza 4, Radziejowice A castle complex in Radziejowice including, among others, a palace, castle, manor, landscape park and others. There is also a Museum and the House of Creative Work. A remarkable complement to the park pond are spatial sculptures.

8.5 km, Karola Dittricha 1, Żyrardów

The amazing history of Żyrardów and the history of its founders is to be dicovered when visiting the Museum of Western Mazovia, housed in the villa of the former co-owner of Żyrardów Factory, Karol Dittrich.

7.3 km, Biniszewicze 4, Kuklówka

Radziejowicka The Museum is seated in a very faithfully reproduced copy of the borderland manor from 1827. The interiors are maintained to show the traditional division and meaning of the rooms, e..g antechamber, law office, library, living room, etc. You can also try several traditional dishes.

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