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Aphrodite's garden part 2

Aphrodite's garden part 2

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20 December 2018

Aphrodite's garden is not only formed conifers, such as thujas, spruce, yew or barberry. These are many interesting and unusual plants that impress with their appearance. I invite you for a walk during which you will see the charming places of our hotel and the surrounding greenery.

Let us start from the beginning, from the moment you cross the gate of Afrodyta ... on the left side, the goddess greets our guests in the company of magnolia, covered with unique flowers in the spring, it was one of the first plants added to our garden. :) A bit further away, there are three light and a katalpa among pines to repel mosquitoes.

On the other side of the path you will find plants such as:

  • smoke bush - delights in spring as it all turns red,
  • holly - female with beautiful, red beads,
  • spruce - an interesting variation of spruce with loose, long shoots, stiff needles, larch losing needles for the winter,
  • Coleus, a plant with decorative leaves, each of them looks different,
  • a yellow maple on the trunk,

and many others that please us with their charm and smell at different times of the year.

And now my favorite tree, which delighted me the most, when I first walked in the Aphrodite's garden - a Japanese Maple. There are 2 maples next to each other. They have different shade and shape of the leaves. See for yourself how wonderful they are! These are not the only maples in our garden ... ;)

Our today's trip ends in a charming place at the back of the hotel, where in peace and quiet, surrounded by the beautiful vegetation, you can relax with a cup of coffee and a book.

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