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iMetric - professional skin examination at Afrodyta Spa

iMetric - professional skin examination at Afrodyta Spa

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05 March 2019

Our SPA offer includes professional skin examination using the iMetric device. Does not sound familiar? Let us explain.

IMetric by Thalgo is a device designed for professional face and body diagnosis. It analyzes the needs of the skin for up to 10 problems! The test is completely painless and comfortable, so you can relaxation a bit ...
The facial analysis includes:

  • the level of skin hydration,
  • pore size and amount of produced sebum,
  • discoloration,
  • skin firmness,
  • texture,
  • depth of wrinkles.

The body analysis allows you to determine the type of cellulite.

Based on the diagnosis of 10 parameters tested, a special algorithm will determine the treatment that best meets the needs of your skin, according to its nature. The test can be performed immediately before a treatment facilitating the selection of proper care. After a few months, you can repeat the test to check the results. The device remembers the results of the examined person enabling a comparion the skin condition "before and after" treatments and individually selected care.
Our specialists, with the help of the iMetric device, will help you identify the problem, often discovered in the deeper layers of the skin. Proper diagnosis + professional treatment = great results!

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