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Fresh juice from the Kuvings squeezer

Fresh juice from the Kuvings squeezer

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09 April 2019

We have completed the first test weekends, our guests had the opportunity to use the new low-speed Kuvings squeezer at breakfast. It's not just delicious taste, lots of vitamins, but also great fun for children and adults.

Where did the idea come from?" You ask.
The suggestions of our guests are extremely important to us, which is why we pay so much attention to your feedback which reoccur in the surveys. Some guests signaled that a freshly squeezed juice would be a perfect complement to a nutritious breakfast. That is why we decided to meet your expectations. A weekend trip outside the city now has a whole new dimension!

Why a squeezer, not a juicer?
There are some differences between a squeezer and a juicer. The devices differ in terms of their construction, method of operation and the final product obtained. The most important difference is that the Kuvingz CS600 Chef low-speed squeezer uses the ColdPress system. The device, operating at low speed, crushes plant fibers more precisely, so that more valuable nutrients, including enzymes and fiber, get to the juice. The obtained juice is denser, less transparent and more aromatic.

How to use a squeezer?
During breakfast in Afrodyta you can prepare your own juice - the squeezer is available to guests with various vegetables and fruits right next to it to create your own compositions. However, there are several important rules to follow when using the equipment.
We put large, hard fruits and vegetables into a larger round hole at the top of the device. There is no need to peel or divide into smaller parts. Also the carrots, we put the whole vegetable without cutting. On the other hand, we put green leafy ingredients in the smaller hole at the back. Larger pieces are torn manually beforehand.

What compositions to create to make your juice tasty and valuable?
We have some examples for you - check it out yourself!


  • 3 mint leaves,
  • slice of lime,
  • apple

Green Juice for children

  • a handful of kale or spinach,
  • slice of lemon,
  • apple
  • a small piece of banana


  • apple,
  • a handful of spinach,
  • a small amount of ribbed celery,
  • slice of lemon

You can also find our weekend fruit compositions on Instagram -> hotel_afrodyta

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